Noncitizen Students Visiting WFI

On Saturday 14 March 2015, WFI hosted 35 noncitizen students studying at Saudi universities (through government scholarship program) and in coordination with Wafed Al Elem Association who takes care of these students and contributes to their integration in the Saudi society through a variety of programs and activities. The hospitality program contained a visit of the delegation to CMC and WP where the delegation toured inside the factories and briefed on the manufacturing processes and listened to the explanation of directors in factories about history of WFI and its contribution in providing the highest quality standards and keep pace with the modern world-class technologies and provide products contribute to the support of industrial growth in our beloved country for everyone. At the end of the programme it was host for the luncheon at the headquarter of WFI in honour of his Excellency CEO who welcomed the delegation and briefed them about the industrial activities of WFI group and its contribution supporting the Islamic Waqf of Sheikh Suleiman Al-Rajhi (may Allah bless him). The ceremony also contained speech of Wafed Al Elem representative Mr. Yasser Al Sharabi who expressed his thanks and appreciation for the extensive patronage of WFI to host delegation and adopted for community care programs and WFI support to Wafed Al Elem Association integrating migrant students with Saudi society and familiarize them with the industrial civilization in Saudi Arabia. He has given brief about scope of Wafed AlElem and its contribution to their integration in society through a variety of programs and activities,. Then it was lunch and delivered some gifts and souvenir photos were taken collectively. At the end, there was farewell to the delegation such as that received by the warm hospitality and honor. WFI would like to take the chance to express its thanks to Management of Wafed Al Elem headed by Sheikh Dr. Issam Al Awed to provide the opportunity to WFI for hosting the delegation, WFI is looking forward to future visits with the permission of Allah.