Factory’s Location

Al Watania for Industries proudly owns a total of 11 factories, specializing in the manufacturing of plastic, paper, metal products, and red clay brick products. Among these, it possess 5 factories located in Riyadh, 3 factories in Jeddah, 1 factory in Dhurma, 1 factory in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 1 another factory in Dubai, UAE.

Al Watania for industries

Al Watania Plastics1

Al Watania Plastics2

Al Watania Plastics3

Al Watania Paper Products Riyadh

Egg Trays factories Riyadh

Al Watania Paper Products Jeddah

Al Watania for Containers Riyadh

Al Watania for Containers Jeddah

International Cap (CAPEX)

Al Watania Bricks

Al Watania Al Khalijia For Paper Products