Corporate Strategy

Al Watania For Industries (WFI) strategy is to grow organically through increased market penetration, supported by strategic acquisitions, product diversification and vertical integration.

As the only large player in the Kingdom with a presence across all types of packaging (plastic, paper and metal), WFI will seek to leverage such presence across all product categories for cross-selling opportunities with major customers to become the single supplier for all of their packaging requirements.

In continuing to achieve its goals and strategic plans to enhance its competitiveness in the market and achieving a strong position in the packaging sector in the Middle East and North Africa region, WFI continues to implement a series of new projects by leveraging its strong relationships with customers and suppliers to identify new product opportunities.

Along with new products, WFI is identifying new markets in the packaging sectors which it can enter to increase its revenue growth. WFI seeks to identify new markets for exports.

WFI plans vertical integration in certain segments for strategic reasons which will enhance margins, secure raw materials, and enhance market share.

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