On Tuesday, 29 January 2019, Al Watania for Industries launched its new website after completing its developing and updating according to the best designs and technologies. The CEO Engr. Ibrahim Behairi launched the website in a ceremony at the Company’s headquarters attended by Vice President of Corporate Services, Chief Financial Officer, Heads of Strategic Business Units and Director of Corporate Marketing. The Supervisor of the Public Relations Section delivered a brief presentation in which he reviewed the advantages of the new website as a media interface presenting the Company and its message and directions. The website also serves as a source of information for visitors to introduce the Company, its products, news and activities.

The new website has been developed to suit the size of Al Watania for industries as a pioneer in the field of manufacturing packaging products and building materials, as well as the Company’s promising future projects in accordance with its 2023 Vision. The website has been designed in a way so as to easily and smoothly provide a range of electronic services that serve many of the Company’s activities, projects and customers.

The Company’s website can be found at www.wataniaind.com