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About Us

Company Profile

Al-Watania for Industries (WFI) is member of Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Rajhi endowments with significant profit donated to charity works. WFI has 6 manufacturing subsidiaries that adopted the highest local and international standards and achieved many international quality certificates. Some of WFI subsidiaries existed in 1970s. The subsidiaries include:

Al Watania Plastics (WP), Al Watania for Containers Manufacturing (CMC), Al Watania Paper Products (Waper), National Factory for Foodstuff Production- AL WAHA (nffp), Al Watania Bricks, International CAP LLC (CAPEX).

WFI Head Office is located in 2nd Industrial city, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its factories and branches are existed in the main Saudi and some GCC cities while its production reaches many countries all over the world.

It is honor for Al-Watania for Industries all strategic business units of its, inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that it has become part of the Endowment of Sheikh Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading downstream manufacturing companies in Saudi Arabia active in the packaging, food processing, and building materials industries.

Our Mission

To provide customers with the highest quality manufacturing products and services reflecting their true needs. We commit to using best-in-class technologies building and motivating our people while acting as an economic asset to our stakeholders and integrating with other members of Al-Watania group.

Our business units