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 تفاصيل خبر بشامل

Al Awqaf PR Managers in WFI

Al Watania for Industries (WFI) received on Thursdays May 25th, 2017 delegates visiting from Public Relations & media Depts. of Sheikh Suleiman Al-Rajhi Awqaf companies & institutions. The delegates were greeted & welcomed by VP- CS Mr. Fahad Alayed, Public Relations Manager Mr. Salem Al Zahrani & PR Team. Then delivered short briefing on WFI & SBUs products, key clients, growth strategy & contribution to social responsibility programs. After that the delegates were invite visit to Waper, WP and CMC plants during which they had chance to meet with presidents and to closely observe the production size and the large & advance components owned by WFI and its subsidiaries in the industrial field. This visit comes to enhance communication and discuss ways of cooperation between companies and institutions of Awqaf Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Rajhi.

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