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CEO Message

Dear Friends,

The business environment surrounding WFI continues to evolve and change at dynamic pace .We remain highly sensitive to the environment shift and anticipate the changing landscape with both speed and insight. Indispensable factor in this quest include "Information capabilities" which are high in quality and rich in depth, together with "Integrated capabilities" to utilize that information with maximum coordination and impact

WFI is a well established industrial group that embodies all the meaning of Industrial development and modernization. It has become one of the largest establishments in the Middle East. It's diversified in different industrial products and carried with a matured economic thinking and feeling of National belonging for all people responsible, along with the utilization of different technology in all its activities.

We are faithful in our belief in the "Three-way benefit" (to Customer, to Investors and Local community); we pledge to make lasting and meaningful contributions to Society as we continue to grow in our business.

We look forward to your continued support and understanding of these goals, as we work together as business partners towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

Best Regards ,

Eng. Ibrahim I. Behairi

Chief Executive Officer


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